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Rick Caldwell of Utah - Construction Management

Rick Caldwell of Utah is a professional in the construction contracting world that has been working in the field for over thirty years, accumulating a level of experience and expertise that others could only hope to rival. Rick knows pretty much everything that there is to know about the construction industry, or so he thought anyway. It wasn't until Rick opened up his own business did he discover just how complicated and intricate the world of construction could be. Now Rick has had to relearn everything he knows about construction, and also explore new and unfamiliar subjects like how to lead a team and how to manage a business efficiently and effectively.

Rick says that he never knew much about things like cost and benefit analysis or marketing schemes and advertising campaigns until he owned his own successful business. Now Rick considers himself more in the field of construction management than contracting itself. Rick says though his new career has been challenging, it has been very rewarding as well. Construction management is something that requires an extensive knowledge of not just construction, but people as well. Rick says that you have to be an inspiring leader and a respected professional.

Rick Caldwell Utah says that there is a lot of human aspects to the world of construction management, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Rick says that you must also order the proper amount of materials, assure they are stored safely and securely, locate proper funding and assure there is space available for the build. Rick says these large scale projects require much experience and a hands on managing approach in order to get the job done in a high quality and quick manner.